Chapter 2: Why is improvisation worthy of our love?

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Again, another endless list but here are some starters:

1)   It is always evolving, growing.  It’s still young in some ways so it has room to grow.

2)   It makes you stronger as a person.  You become a better listener, problem-solver, team-player.

3)   It is unpredictable.  You can be on fire one night and in sucksville the next night.  YOU CAN NEVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.

4)   It is its own little communal microchosm with its own vocabulary, heroes, and lore.

5)   It empowers the word “yes.”

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6)   It empowers the word “and.”

7)   It is the essence of living and ephemeral art

8)   Because of all those “a-ha” moments—“oh it’s the relationship” or “oh my point of view is clear and that’s making things so much easier” or “emotion got me through that scene”

9)   Because people are always surprising you by getting better at it.

10)   Because the minute I start playing with someone, I have a new friend.

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Dina has toured with and directed for The Second City National Touring Company and has taught/performed/directed all over the great city of Chicago. In 2011, Dina was honored to headline the Denver Improv Festival as a representative of Virgin Daiquiri; that same year, iO Chicago graced her with the title of Improviser of the Year. In 2012, Dina executive produced Virgin Daiquiri’s first album FOOD BABY, now available on iTunes. Dina now performs regularly at iO Chicago with Virgin Daiquiri at iO - where she also co-created CUFFS & DBAG. She has also had the honor of working at Steppenwolf and ATC.

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