Rush Howell: ELECTIVES


Rush Howell has been improvising in Chicago since 1999. During that time, he’s worked with multiple beloved *at least by him* ensembles including 3033, Atlantis, CUFFS, The Scene, ARMANDO DIAZ. Rush has coached and taught at many theaters across the country and at dozens of festivals. When he’s not improvising, Rush is doing all the other non-improvising things in his life…obviously. Rush’s workshop at The Chicago Improv Den will focus on an analytical approach to improvisation and on understanding the many facets to the often oversimplified concept of ‘finding the game’ in scene work.

The Chicago Improv Den is an advanced, supplemental improvisational training program.We are focused on training our students to be the best actors, listeners and—most importantly–ensemble players. This program commits itself to doing this through a carefully considered curriculum with a variety of Chicago’s best improv minds, as well as bi-weekly labs that reinforce curriculum.

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