Rebecca Sohn began improvising in 1987. Since then she’s enjoyed playing with The Screw Puppies, Switchboard, TNT and Virgin Daiquiri. She’s also an actor and has enjoyed roles in productions by Steppenwolf, Remy Bumppo and About Face. She wrote and performed 2 solo shows; HOPE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD and THE LIVE BEX SHOW. She collaborated with her husband, Rich, to create IDIOT TANGO. She’s an alum of The Second City in Chicago where she continues to write, perform and direct for the Communications and the Theatricals divisions as well as The Second City Network. She teaches improv for The Annoyance where she has improvised, written, performed, understudied and/or directed over 30 shows. She has been extremely fortunate to have worked with some incredibly talented people in her career and looks forward to More. Of. That.

The Chicago Improv Den is an advanced, supplemental improvisational training program.We are focused on training our students to be the best actors, listeners and—most importantly–ensemble players. This program commits itself to doing this through a carefully considered curriculum with a variety of Chicago’s best improv minds, as well as bi-weekly labs that reinforce curriculum.

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