[team image=”” name=”OWNER/CREATIVE DIRECTOR: All Levels” description=”Dina has toured with and directed for The Second City National Touring Company and has taught/performed/directed all over the great city of Chicago. In 2011, Dina was honored to headline the Denver Improv Festival as a representative of Virgin Daiquiri; that same year, iO Chicago graced her with the title of Improviser of the Year. In 2012, Dina executive produced Virgin Daiquiri’s first album FOOD BABY, now available on iTunes. Dina now performs regularly at iO Chicago with Virgin Daiquiri at iO – where she also co-created CUFFS & DBAG. She has also had the honor of working at Steppenwolf and ATC.” columns=”3″] [team image=”” name=”Level 2 & 3″ description=”Eddie Pina, born and raised in Chicago, has been performing and teaching improvisational comedy across the country for the past ten years. He is a founding member of WHIRLED NEWS TONIGHT, which is celebrating its tenth year, and is also a member of the critically acclaimed improv troupe The Reckoning at IO Chicago– and has also performed with the famed Second City in Chicago and in Miami, Florida” columns=”3″] [team image=”” name=”Level 2 & 3″ description=”Katie began her improv career in Washington DC, where she trained with the DC improv comedy school and performed with Comedy Sportz and iMusical. Now in Chicago, she has trained with iO and The Second City. She is a cast member of Second city’s IMPROV EXTRAVAGANZA EXPLOSION, performed with a training center house ensemble and BenchCo. At iO she is on a Harold team Late 90’s ands performs weekly with Virgin Daiquiri and Superhuman. She is a cast member of the Laugh Out Loud theater and performs independently with her partner-in-crime in their tag-team duo, Ed and Kath. Katie has coached, directed and taught improv and sketch around town as well as in other towns. She loves to travel!” columns=”3″][clear][/clear] [team image=”” name=”Level 2 & 4″ description=”Sarah Fineout has been studying and performing improv in Chicago since 2005. She has completed the training program at iO Chicago where she performs weekly with The Scene and Harold team, Revolver. She was a member of the show Close Quarters which ran at iO Chicago from 2009 to 2011. Sarah has appeared in several productions at The Annoyance Theater, including Glitter in the Gutter and Flames and Blazes. In addition to performing and coaching improv, Sarah is a Registered Yoga Teacher and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. Sarah has a BFA in Theater Arts from the University of Mississippi.” columns=”3″][team image=”” name=”Level 2 & 4″ description=”Mark Logsdon has been studying and performing improv in Chicago since 2006. He has completed the training program at iO Chicago where he performs with the Harold team, Sears Tower, and coaches the Harold team, Big Judy. Mark has appeared in several productions at The Annoyance Theater, including Flames and Blazes, Frenz Finds It!, National Sensation, and Jimmy of Nazareth. Mark has also directed several productions at the Chemically Imbalanced Theater, including Creature Feature, Moral Hazard, and Pas De Deux. Mark plays Dungeons & Dragons regularly.” columns=”3″][team image=”” name=”Electives” description=”(Mr. Hartman is a cast member of the Second City Mainstage. When availability allows, John will be teaching electives at CID) John Hartman is a writer and actor in Chicago. He has written and performed two solo shows at The Annoyance Theatre, YOUR FRIENDS AND ENEMIES AND I’M SORRY I MISSED YOU, both of which received Time Out Chicago Critic’s Picks, and he has also performed at the TBS Just for Laughs Festival. John is a member of The Second City National Touring Company and half of the sketch duo Witaske & Hartman. He performs improv around Chicago at the iO Theater with THE ARMANDO DIAZ and at the Apollo Theater with the musical improv powerhouse Baby Wants Candy. He has taught improv at The Annoyance, The Playground, nationally with The Second City, and at Chicago Ideas Week.” columns=”3″][clear][/clear] [team image=”” name=”Electives” description=”Rush Howell has been improvising in Chicago since 1999. During that time, he’s worked with multiple beloved *at least by him* ensembles including 3033, Atlantis, CUFFS, The Scene, ARMANDO DIAZ. Rush has coached and taught at many theaters across the country and at dozens of festivals. When he’s not improvising, Rush is doing all the other non-improvising things in his life…obviously. Rush’s workshop at The Chicago Improv Den will focus on an analytical approach to improvisation and on understanding the many facets to the often oversimplified concept of ‘finding the game’ in scene work.” columns=”3″] [team image=”” name=”Guest Instructor” description=”Rebecca Sohn began improvising in 1987. Since then she’s enjoyed playing with The Screw Puppies, Switchboard, TNT and Virgin Daiquiri. She’s also an actor and has enjoyed roles in productions by Steppenwolf, Remy Bumppo and About Face. She wrote and performed 2 solo shows; HOPE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD and THE LIVE BEX SHOW. She collaborated with her husband, Rich, to create IDIOT TANGO. She’s an alum of The Second City in Chicago where she continues to write, perform and direct for the Communications and the Theatricals divisions as well as The Second City Network. She teaches improv for The Annoyance where she has improvised, written, performed, understudied and/or directed over 30 shows. She has been extremely fortunate to have worked with some incredibly talented people in her career and looks forward to More. Of. That.” columns=”3″][clear][/clear]