Chapter 5: Five TV shows every improviser should watch IN BULK and why

seinfeld blog

1)   Seinfeld.  I mean this should go without saying.  But c’mon—go back and watch a Seinfeld and notice how so many of them follow a Harold-esque structure

Cheers blog

2)   Cheers.  What a perfect character study!  Two main characters were replaced and it still was great.


3)   The Sopranos.  This show again is built on character and although there is a lot going on plot-wise, it is the character’s reactions to plot that makes it so fascinating.

all in the family blog

4)   All in the Family.  This show broke so many boundaries.  It took risks—satirical risks.  And it had complex characters that weren’t just black and white—they had a lot going on.

snl blog

5)   Saturday Night Live.  From the beginning.  When SNL became the mothership of comedy legends.

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  • January 31, 2014

    Rich S

    Supposedly Kurt Vonnegut once said in an interview “I would rather have written Cheers than anything I’ve written”.

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