Denmentor Video Team

Dear C.I.D Students/Ensemble Members,

C.I.D is looking to form a new team composed of students and ensemble members that are focused on getting their improv/sketch/webseries ideas to the internet.


The club would have the support and promotion of C.I.D. and would be responsible for C.I.D.’s developing video media division.




There will be a pitch meeting once a week (a weekday, evening), where team members can pitch new improv/sketch ideas. After a group vote, the top 1 or 2 ideas the team is excited about will be selected and prepped for shooting the weekend of. All team members will meet at the decided shooting location (probably on a weekend), and help in the production of the video. Production of the video can consist of: Acting, improvising, writing, shooting, audio, etc (these jobs will shift around a lot, so you might not always act, you might be asked to work set design.) After the video is shot and finished, the pitch person will be responsible (with the help of the team) for editing the final product.


If want to be a part of this new team, please send the following info:

    Name (required)

    Email (required)


    Experience (ie acting, writing, video, audio):

    Any equipment you can use (camera, mics, lights, computer):

    Any software or skills that might help in the production of videos? (don't worry if you don't!):

    Pitch me 2 ideas you got bouncing around in your head (optional):

    Send me 2 links to videos that you love or are in a style you'd like to explore (optional):

    Are you EXCITED or anything else you want to add?:


    Keep in mind this is C.I.D.’s first media producing division. You would be ground floor on getting video off the ground and deciding how it’s run and done. We feel our students are creative and talented enough to do it all.

    have it all

    Any questions feel free to email or text me at 708.704.4107.

    Thanks guys,


    The Chicago Improv Den

    ps… I thought DENMENTOR was kinda funny. Just one of my many c.IDEAS I have
    crushed it

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