About Us


The Chicago Improv Den is an advanced, supplemental improvisational training program.We are focused on training our students to be the best actors, listeners and—most importantly–ensemble players. This program commits itself to doing this through a carefully considered curriculum with a variety of Chicago’s best improv minds, as well as bi-weekly labs that reinforce curriculum.

checkPERFORMANCE TRAINING: The Chicago Improv Den will incorporate weekly performances for its last three levels as a cornerstone of the curriculum. Performances will ALWAYS include students.

checkCREATIVE OWNERSHIP: Communication will be of utmost importance.  The right hand will always know what the left is doing and together we will explore all the nuances of improvisation and our students.

checkOUR PROMISE: The Improv Den has a commitment to being a training center first, a theatre second.

checkENSEMBLE: This program is about ensemble and the strength of group mind.

checkLOCATION: The Chicago Improv Den currently runs the majority of classes and shows out of Laugh Out Loud Theater in the North Center area of Chicago. While we operate out of LOL, we have our own separate curriculum and performance philosophy.



notA replacement for iO, Second City, CIC or The Annoyance

notA “star-maker” factory – we are about ensemble

notAn audition house for The Saturday Night Live or Second City resident stages

notA place that requires you live and breathe improvisation. We want you to have an outside life to reference

notWE ARE NOT A place that will put money in front of classroom quality. We are not afraid of waiting lists to guarantee small class sizes and great teachers



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